To Tag a Tiger Shark

Posted on: March 7th, 2014 by Hannah Darrin

by Justin Blake

Southern Mozambique: 35degrees in the shade. It’s hot, and has the humidity to match.

Credit: This Aquatic Life, Justin Blake

Credit: This Aquatic Life, Justin Blake

We’re here to finish up this season’s tagging (the sharks of Mozambique are best interacted with in Summer). A huge amount of dedicated work and commitment has led to this point. Without Ryan and Clare Daly’s persistence and passion none of what has been achieved, and what we are about to finish this season off with, would have been possible.

The goal is to tag another three tiger sharks (or Galeocerdo cuvier as they are known in other circles)The plan is to attached a satellite tag to the dorsal fin and then surgically implant an acoustic tag within the body cavity of the (pretty large) animal. A couple of Blacktips may end up with an acoustic tag too – this all forms part of a long term shark monitoring program in the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve. From humble beginnings establishing a bull shark project back in 2009 we will now finish this season off with three species of shark being monitored. Ryan will spend the remainder of 2014 stuck in an office writing up a PHD – with findings never before published. Contributing to science and conservation from an intimate and up-close and personal perspective. Living, breathing, dreaming shark!

Follow us as we endeavour to find, capture and tag these breathtakingly beautiful animals. Holding thumbs we can meet a couple of sneaky tigers and a blacktip or two at our favourite place on the planet. Knowing where they go and how much time they spend in different areas of our ocean helps us save these creatures. And they need all the help they can get.

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