Students Adopt a Beach and Clean it Up

Posted on: April 4th, 2013 by Hannah Darrin
iKubasa Beach Clean UpLast week, as part of their service learning component, a group of students from the American International School of Mozambique (AISM), Maputo, cleaned up their local beach. Over a period of two hours, the group managed to `sweep’ an area of approximately 177 metres, collecting a total of 39 rubbish bags worth of litter.

The beach clean-up formed the launch of `iKubasa’ a service learning project aimed at cleaning up the local environment. Not only did the clean-up literally clean up the beach, but it also allowed students to better understand the nature of the litter problem and to talk to local beach-goers, some of whom were keen to help in the clean-up.

It was widely agreed that the lack of dustbins on the beaches is a real problem, while it was also apparent that residents of Maputo need to be encouraged to clean up after themselves. `We are hoping to unofficially `adopt’ this beach,’ said a spokesperson for the group, `and thereby encourage other schools and local community groups to do the same for other beaches in Maputo.’

Source: Mandy Whyman, AISM, Maputo
Photo: Lena Schweizer