Sea Slug Expedition – Support this idea, help to solve the puzzle!

Posted on: September 4th, 2013 by Hannah Darrin

Nudibranch: Doto species In Zavora, every day in the field means a new discovery, a new piece for this puzzle and more entries to our database. In three years of study in a relatively small area, we have been able to find more species than is documented for the whole of Madagascar and the similar number as have been found in Tanzania. Our research has so far been mainly done in Zavora Bay but in 2014, we plan to do an expedition to cover the entire coast of Mozambique. The ‘Slug Hunter Expedition’ will explore many different ecosystem from shallow tidal pools to deep waters, subtropical rocky reefs to tropical coral reefs, mangroves and rock pools to discover more about these stunning little creatures and potentially break the African record for sea slugs diversity!

Nudibranch from Zavora

After the expedition, if we get the right support, we will make a guide book interesting for all serious divers, underwater photographers, marine scientists and general public passionate about the sea. It will include amazing photos of the nudibranchs found in the Western Indian Ocean, tips where to find them (depths, habitats, substrates, etc.) and descriptions of the different species. This project is part of Yara Tibiriça PhD thesis “Nudipleura of Mozambique”.

Written by Yara Tibiriça

Images by Yara Tibiriça