Manta rays: Report an Encounter

Upload any of your pictures at anytime, from anywhere to help with the global Manta ray research. Here are the easy steps for uploading your images.

  1. Visit ECOCEAN: the manta ray identification library
  2. Enter the date which you saw the manta ray
  3. Do NOT enter the sex, unless you are certain
  4. Give the closest location, or GPS coordinates if possible, to where you were when the encounter occurred
  5. Include any other observations or information if possible
  6. Giving your email address is not only required, but you will also get global updates with further sightings of your ray, as well as inform you about who your ray is. Their spot pattern is like a finger print, so researchers are able to discern exactly ‘who’ you saw!
  7. Lastly, include your images. Examples are given below of desired photographs, however any reporting and evidence is useful.