Report an Incident

Do you spend time on the white sand beaches in Mozambique? Do you enjoy traveling to Bazaruto for sport fishing in the prosperous waters? Do you find yourself dressed in wetsuits each morning to explore the underwater world?

If yes, then you can help Eyes on the Horizon and the coastal environments of Mozambique. We need citizens and active stewards to report to us what is to be seem on the waters and shores. We need photographs of unsustainable catches of sharks or rays to create a report to fisheries officials. We need written boat numbers to determine if vessels are legally using Mozambique’s resources. And we need to bring some justice to the environment within the fisheries law.

If you bear witness to any illegal, unsustainable or questionable activities please collect the following information and send us:

  • Species involved and numbers
  • Vessels and vessel ID numbers involved
  • The gear type used
  • The date, time and location
  • Pictures for evidence

We are also interested in ID images of whale sharks, sea turtles, manta rays, great white sharks and more. See each page for details.