Join the Team: Eyes on the Horizon is Hiring

Posted on: July 8th, 2013 by Hannah Darrin

Eyes on the Horizon is hiring. Please read the job position below and apply if you think that you will fit in with the team and apply to

Job Opening: Assistant Advisor

Location: Maputo, Mozambique (Tofo, Inhambane also possible)

Reports to: Technical Advisor

Duration: Full-Time (1 year contract may be extended)

Salary: 10,000 MZN /month


Eyes on the Horizon (EOTH) what we do:

  • We have a reporting network of concerned people and businesses that regularly report illegal or
    Beach Seining

    Beach Seining

    unsustainable activities. This provides people the opportunity to help conserve their own ‘backyard’, and allows us to collate reports on a nationwide basis.

  • With this network we can provide scientific information necessary for us to provide advice to government and international conservation organisations (such as the IUCN) on fisheries and conservation issues within the country.
  • We work with stakeholders, ranging from fishers to lodge owners, tourists to government ministers, to ensure that all are aware of coastal issues and their potential solutions
  • Information on illegal activities, (e.g. turtle poaching or foreign vessels fishing inshore) is forwarded on to relevant government authorities so that proper enforcement may ensue
  • We also conduct our own coastal patrols and intelligence-gathering efforts to provide law enforcement bodies with the information they require


Primary Responsibilities:

Ensure that EOTH operates smoothly and maintains a certain level of influence and outreach to all followers. Allow businesses, scientific institutions, community leaders and government officials know what work in marine conservation is occurring along the coast. The Assistant will work closely with the Technical advisor and other Mozambican officials.


Specific Responsibilities:

Report and identify what you see

Report and identify what you see

  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) updates on a regular basis
  • Blog writing, collecting and sourcing information for the website as well as monthly newsletter
  • Attend meetings as they pertain to conservation and fisheries management, often but not limited to IDPPE, IIP and AMAR, then write follow-up minutes for other EOTH members
  • Develop fundraising techniques and opportunities, conduct community talks, write grants and practice asking for donations
  • Work with stakeholders within Mozambique, scientific communities, diving communities, tourists, fishermen, regional businesses and others to ensure the development of sustainable practices, and information dissemination.
  • Work with government officials to devise strategies and develop and implement long term programs that support the progression of Mozambique toward a more healthy marine environment
  • Distribute necessary pamphlets and informative publications to the appropriate peoples
  • Report illegal activities to local authorities


Required Qualifications:

  • Degree in relevant science, management, communications, or policy closely tied to coastal/marine affairs and environmental protection.
  • Fluent in Portuguese and English, preferred proficiency in Shona, Bitonga or other Bantu based language
  • Strong verbal and written skills are essential in both Portuguese and English
  • 2 years of relevant professional experience
  • Advanced computer skills and preferred work with WordPress, MailChimp or other blogs
  • Demonstrate ability to work as a team, to listen to instructions, meet deadlines, and work within budget limits


Personal Characteristics:

  • A high performer with attention to detail
  • Interpersonal skills and communication skills
  • Passion for the marine environment, coastal conservation and the progression of Mozambique into a more environmentally healthy future
Join us and the work that we do

Join us and the work that we do


Apply to join the Eyes on the Horizon team by sending a resume and cover letter speaking of your abilities to:


Thank you.

Eyes on the Horizon – Job opportunity (PDF)