Leatherback Sea Turtles – The Panda Bears of the Ocean

While walking in the late afternoon down Manhame Beach there was a certain level of excitement that I could feel on the deserted sands. I was with turtle researcher Jess Williams of Marine Megafauna Foundation, and the two owners of Dunes de Dovela. It was past the incubation period for the nest and we were going to look through the recently hatched nest of a… Read more »

The Deep Sea Mystery Circle – a love story

By Spoon and Tamago images courtesy Yoji Ookata and NHK Introduced to life under the sea in high school through snorkeling, Yoji Ookataobtained his scuba license at the age of 21. At the same time, he went out and bought a brand new NIKONOS, a 35mm film camera specifically designed for underwater photography. He devoted all his spare time – aside from his day job –… Read more »

Happy Valentine's Day

The Lucky 93

By Jess Williams Late yesterday afternoon I went to check the location of a loggerhead nest laid on the far end of Tofinho Beach, known more for its surf breaks rather than turtle nests. Expecting to have trouble finding the exact nest location I scanned the approximate area that had been show to me 61 days prior by Jimo, a local Mozambican guarda, who was… Read more »

Spotlight on Research in the Indian Ocean.

WIOMSA The Western Indo-Pacific stretches from Thailand to East Africa and the Red Sea, and has distinct fauna – with a quarter of its fish species thought to be different from the broader Indo-Pacific. The Western Indian Ocean is the largest biogeographic province in this region, but among the least studied of the world’s seas, posing a great challenge to effective conservation of its biodiversity…. Read more »

The American Diving Community Wants to Help

Reporter on the ground – The American Diving Community Wants to Help I attended the DEMA dive show as a testimony to the American diving community that, yes, Americans do travel to Africa. They enjoy being in Africa. The diving is safe in Africa and the people don’t expect you to eat grubs. (My grandmother thought that my South African boyfriend would speak in clicks… Read more »

Sea Slug Expedition – Support this idea, help to solve the puzzle!

In Zavora, every day in the field means a new discovery, a new piece for this puzzle and more entries to our database. In three years of study in a relatively small area, we have been able to find more species than is documented for the whole of Madagascar and the similar number as have been found in Tanzania. Our research has so far been… Read more »

Nudibranch from Zavora

Into the Deep: Implementing CITES Measures for Commercially-Valuable Sharks and Manta Rays

A report by Victoria Mundy-Taylor and Vicki Crook, Written by Hannah Darrin This is a review of the TRAFFIC report on the implementation of CITES in relation to Mozambique and the Southern African Area. Into the deep: Implementing CITES measures for commercially-valuable sharks and manta rays  was commissioned by the European Union after seven species of marine elasmobranchs were listed on Appendix II of  the Convention on… Read more »

Journalists investigate climate change adaption, look to the CARE-WWF Alliance program in Angoche district

JULY 23, 2013 The Primeiras & Segundas Program hosted two journalists this month as they explored how local people living in the Primeiras e Segundas Environmental Protected Area (PSAPA) respond and adapt to climate change. Journalist Susanne Sayers and photographer Søren Rud heard stories from people across Mozambique, including from the PSAPA village of Sinhanhe and the island community of Quelelene. Sayers and Rud took… Read more »

Sailfish caught by artisanal fishermen

We are pleased to know that after the sport fishing competition in Tofo last weekend, the local fishermen are still able to be competitive, and there are still enough fish in the sea for them. They will be able to make quite a bit of money from this sailfish, particularly during these South African holidays. If you go to the Tofo fish market tonight, you… Read more »

Join the Team: Eyes on the Horizon is Hiring

Eyes on the Horizon is hiring. Please read the job position below and apply if you think that you will fit in with the team and apply to info@eoth.org Job Opening: Assistant Advisor Location: Maputo, Mozambique (Tofo, Inhambane also possible) Reports to: Technical Advisor Duration: Full-Time (1 year contract may be extended) Salary: 10,000 MZN /month   Eyes on the Horizon (EOTH) what we do:… Read more »