Researchers’ Corner

To Tag a Tiger Shark

by Justin Blake Southern Mozambique: 35degrees in the shade. It’s hot, and has the humidity to match. We’re here to finish up this season’s tagging (the sharks of Mozambique are best interacted with in Summer). A huge amount of dedicated work and commitment has led to this point. Without Ryan and Clare Daly’s persistence and passion none of what has been achieved, and what we… Read more »

Illegal Beach Driving Incidents in Mozambique

  Driving on the beach, except in designated areas clearly marked for launching, is illegal. This is laid out in Decreto n 45/2006 de 30 de Novembro, Artigo 54. In the north of the country (i.e. North of Beira) you can drive on the beach only if a permit is attained. As a general rule you should keep off. Why? The coastal area is full… Read more »

Indonesia Announces World’s Largest Sanctuary for Manta Rays

        In this Oct. 18, 2011 photo, a manta ray swims off Raja Ampat islands, Indonesia. Photograph by Herman Harsoyo, AP One of the world’s largest fishes gets a super-size sanctuary thanks to a decision by the Indonesian government to ban fishing for manta rays within the country’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ). The move, hailed by conservation organizations and researchers, has resulted in the world’s largest… Read more »

Leatherback Sea Turtles – The Panda Bears of the Ocean

While walking in the late afternoon down Manhame Beach there was a certain level of excitement that I could feel on the deserted sands. I was with turtle researcher Jess Williams of Marine Megafauna Foundation, and the two owners of Dunes de Dovela. It was past the incubation period for the nest and we were going to look through the recently hatched nest of a… Read more »

An Impromptu Field Necropsy At Manhame Beach

Written by Turtle expert Jess Williams With seven nesting events reported since November- all suspected to be Leatherback turtles (Dermochelys coriacea)- this makes Manhame Beach one of the busiest in the Province! So where is it, you ask? For those not too familiar with the area, it’s ~70/80km south of Tofo Beach and just slightly north of Zavora. I made my first site visit to… Read more »

U.S. Officials Release Sea Turtles in China

18 January 2014 – Sanya, China: With ongoing disputes in the South China Sea, there is one marine issue that the U.S. and China proudly agrees on: saving sea turtles from extinction.  Officials from the United States Consulate General and the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China joined Sea Turtles 911 to release three rehabilitated sea turtles back to the South China… Read more »


The Lucky 93

By Jess Williams Late yesterday afternoon I went to check the location of a loggerhead nest laid on the far end of Tofinho Beach, known more for its surf breaks rather than turtle nests. Expecting to have trouble finding the exact nest location I scanned the approximate area that had been show to me 61 days prior by Jimo, a local Mozambican guarda, who was… Read more »

Spotlight on Research in the Indian Ocean.

WIOMSA The Western Indo-Pacific stretches from Thailand to East Africa and the Red Sea, and has distinct fauna – with a quarter of its fish species thought to be different from the broader Indo-Pacific. The Western Indian Ocean is the largest biogeographic province in this region, but among the least studied of the world’s seas, posing a great challenge to effective conservation of its biodiversity…. Read more »

The American Diving Community Wants to Help

Reporter on the ground – The American Diving Community Wants to Help I attended the DEMA dive show as a testimony to the American diving community that, yes, Americans do travel to Africa. They enjoy being in Africa. The diving is safe in Africa and the people don’t expect you to eat grubs. (My grandmother thought that my South African boyfriend would speak in clicks… Read more »

What if Mozambique found a new species of Hammerhead?

A new hammerhead shark species was discovered in the beginning of November. University of South Carolina researcher Joe Quattro and his team discovered the Carolina hammerhead, Sphyrna gilberti. Their research on the scalloped hammerhead (Sphyrna lewini) led them to find some anomalies within their individual sharks, which led them to their discovery. One of these differences was the number of vertebrae, and x-rays were able… Read more »

Hammerhead in Tofo