Beach Clean Ups

iKubasa Beach Clean Up

International Coastal Clean-Up day is fast approaching! Mark your calendar for September 21st!
Nearest beach clean up to you:
  • Zavora – February 15th 2014 – meet at the Zavora Launch area at 9:30 – sponsored by Zavora Lab

The ocean plastic crisis is only now coming into the light. Animals are frequently dying from plastic ingestions: sea turtles, birds and most recently a sperm whale (2013).  There are at least three oceanic gyres that have distinguished plastic ‘patches’, each at least the size of a small country, and polluted beaches, bays and reefs are becoming the norm. Plastic consumption awareness is one of our campaigns. Some solutions:

  • Use fewer plastics and recycle those that you must use
    • Glass bottles are being used by the directors at Zavora Marine Lab to build an education centre, if you have bottles to recycle they will gladly take them
    • Check your nearest school for cardboard recycling, who can forget arts and crafts with colorful cardboard cutouts
  • Purchase your own reusable bag made from natural materials.
  • Participate in a beach clean up. International Coastal Clean Up Day is September 21st, however organisations all over Mozambique participate in their own clean ups each month. Check in here for the nearest beach clean up you can participate in
  • -report the plastics you see on dives to your dive operators can lead to reef clean-ups as well.
  • Adopt a beach, as the students of the American International School in Mozambique have done. Read more about how you can join them
  • In the Tofo area ALMA also supplies recycling services to prevent beach debris.