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The World’s Most Protected Shark

One species of shark made history today at the close of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission’s annual meeting of governments that share a practical and financial interest in fish stocks in the region. The oceanic whitetip, an open-ocean species with a distinctive white tip on its dorsal fin, became the most comprehensively protected shark on the planet. Member governments of the commission agreed to ban the retaining… Read more »

Gauging the Threat: The First Population Estimate for White Sharks in South Africa Using Photo Identification and Automated Software

South Africa is reputed to host the world’s largest remaining population of white sharks, yet no studies have accurately determined a population estimate based on mark-recapture of live individuals. We used dorsal fin photographs (fin IDs) to identify white sharks in Gansbaai, South Africa, from January 2007 – December 2011. We used the computer programme DARWIN to catalogue and match fin IDs of individuals; this… Read more »

World Turtle Day: May 23rd 2013

Convincing local communities, particularly those relying on coastal resources as a source of sustenance, that instead of harvesting or hunting they should conserve sea turtles, is a very difficult task. This is why on May 23rd, 2013, Jess Williams of Marine Megafauna Foundation decided to launch the first World Turtle Day festivities for Tofo Beach, Inhambane. World Turtle Day presents the perfect opportunity to engage the… Read more »